Young Nudy explains why he dissed Gucci Mane , Says they ran OJ Da Juiceman out the hood

Yung Nudy is back this afternoon with further explanation of why he dissed Gucci Mane the other day and he also took shots at OJ Da Juiceman.

“I wake up pray to god Smoke ME one and sit back and brainstorm and I ask myself did I do something rong nall you did wat Thay wouldn’t do I respect niggas keep a lot off secrets that goes on in the hood we never had no big dog on BC32 Oj supposed to bin a big dog But we ran him out the hood #NoCap but if you was from EA You would No Dat But I got love for you it fin to be 2018 so we good oj #Gucci old school look dog I don’t got No Beef I don’t give a fuck if you never come back to the hood But if you run the hood look out for your hood nigga can run shit from a distance even though it’s too late for that nigga you put 6 on the map not taken that from you youdid do dat But run the hood Never we love your music I got some off my lingo from you But that’s a Zone 6 Thing Niggas from The 6 Wining I don’t want to ? To you if that’s wat you think I’m independent I’m Not rich But I do live in my own house not Condo or apartment I get 8 To 10 Thousand a show used to get 500 hell I used To rob niggas for 500 when shit was hard for me all the young Niggas On BC32 We never had No big Dog But if y’all was from EA y’all would No Dat Outside looking in Don’t Be mad at Me He did wat he did back in the day it’s 2017 fin to Be 2018 PDE Put the hood on Map out side of rap Fox5 Gang For real If you was from EA you would No Dat My life I talk about is real niggas in EA 32 34 74 No Nudy Not the rap Nudy I put in the work I paved my own way out here if y’all don’t like wat I say idgaf I’m a chill ass nigga I don’t fuck wid nobody I stay in my own lane not clout chasing I did 30m SC On Nudy Land By myself way Be for all dis this shit Happen So I don’t No about all the gay ass Clout Shit rong nigga Dog last post for 2017 I love y’all #4L Not Go speak on this Shit No More So Don’t ask me #SB3 #4LB #OTW #From #Slime #To #Yall #Love #happynewyear2018”