Gucci Mane has been known as the king of East Atlanta specifically Bouldercrest for the last 10 years but it seems an upcoming Rapper, Yung Nudy doesn’t agree.  Gucci Mane posted a picture with the caption “the face i make when they say i don’t run Bouldestcreast” earlier today and shortly after Yung Nudy of PDE had something to see while posting a screenshot of Gucci Mane’s post.

Yung Nudy responded within an hour of Gucci Mane post saying “Last time I checked

#PDE #Run#Bouldercrest We Don’t No buddy He don’t Be in the hood Dats A big CAP I got the hold #Bouldercrest #and #Eastatlant #mygucci#voice?”.

History tell us this is not going to go well, we will continue to update with details as they develop.