Wiz Khalifa – Laugh Now, Fly Later (Mixtape)

Wiz Khalifa is back with the premier of his “Laugh Now, Fly Later” mixtape which will hold us over until he blessed us with “Rolling Papers 2”.  Wiz Khalifa’s “Laugh Now, Fly Later” mixtape has 10 confirmed tracks which include the singles “Letterman”, “Weed Farm”, “Royal Highness”, “Global Access” & “Figure It Out”. Wiz Khalifa never fails to disappoint when it comes to dropping dope music, and “Laugh Now, Fly Later” is like a blast from the past sonically which puts you in the mind of his classic “Kush & Orange Juice” mixtape.

Download Wiz Khalifa “Laugh Now, Cry Later” mixtape

Wiz Khalifa “Laugh Now, Cry Later” album tracklist

[01] Wiz Khalifa ft Casey Veggies – Royal Highness
[02] Letterman (First Single/Coming Soon)
[03] Figure It Out
[04] Plane 4 U
[05] No Dirt
[06] Long Way To Go
[07] Global Access
[08] City Of Steel
[09] Weed Farm
[10] Stay Focused