Video: Stitches Says He Got Jumped By His Own Crew After The Game Paid Them Off!

Stitches has finally made his Instagram public, we found a rather interesting post where he challenged The Game to fight him for $100,000 “Fight me punk bitch. I’ll put this on it. Keep thinking this a joke. @losangelesconfidential . No sucka punching . A fair fight in a ring” is the caption for the picture he posted which allegedly showed his 100,000.

This shit don’t make me or break me . It taught me to literally trust no one . Fuck the game and fuck the niggas who jumped me yesterday . You know where I be at . Anybody can run up and get it. I will continue to shit on all of them cause at the end of the day I remember niggas begging me like little bitches to shout them out on Instagram ?????. You did good cutting that check to niggas @losangelesconfidential . But I promise Ima catch you punk bitch . And fuck anybody who can’t repsect the fact I walked up to him myself and he couldn’t do his own dirt . #ilovemyloyalfans #fuckthegame #pussyniggaisyoname #hoes #donttrustanyone #learnfromyourmistakesandcomebackharder. You gonna see my money talk for me now . Fuck fame fuck rap . Watch me sucka. Stay tuned. Watch me get richer now. If you ain’t rocking with me get off my page sucka

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