Video: Stitches Got Jumped Again Last Night

Stitches Got Jumped Again Last Night, wow this guy is the King of L’s.

“I’m laughing all day . Come kill me . That’s the only thing that gone shut me up. Thanks to all my real fans out there who realized that a sucker punch don’t mean nothing . Everyone else suck my dick. And since you still in my city stop hiring so much security and meet me and throw hands . Every man takes a fall. But it takes a real man to get back up. Fuck friends fuck everyone . Come get me again. The game knows he was scared to walk up to me my eyes were on him and him only. And the niggas I was with did t do shit . they fired. And for the cheap shot fagget your so short I could even see you coming . He landed a clean one tho. Their is always a consequence believe that. Get ready to see the new video of me getting jumped” – Stitches via Instagram