Video: Chris Brown beats up transsexual woman out side of a Gay club in West Hollywood

According to a number of sources on the net, recording artist Chris Brown has been accused of beating up transexual “women” outside of a Gay club in West Hollywood, California. The story is still developing, but DailyMail posted a story online earlier this morning which was have attached below. We will update the stories as details develop, be sure to check back soon

Watch the video of Chris Brown beating up a transsexual woman in West Hollywood, California.

“Chris Brown has been accused of yelling obscenities and pushing a transgender woman outside a famous West Hollywood gay club.

Chris Lopez, a Hollywood socialite, says she was standing outside famed The Abbey at around 2am on December 15,  when she saw Brown yelling outside the neighboring restaurant.

Lopez, who says she’d come from a Jumanji red carpet event to the club, claims she saw the star knock down another man before he started screaming at her group of friends. -Source –