The Game’s “1992” album tracklist revealed


The Game has just unveiled the offiical tracklist of his upcming 1992 album which has 15 confirmed tracks with produced from Bongo, Battlecat, Cool & Dre, JP & Phonix. You can view the entire tracklist below.

The Game – 1992 : Album TracklistĀ 

1. Stage Lifestyle (produced by Bongo)
2. Colors / It’s On (produced by Bongo)
3. Bompton (produced by JP)
4. G.A.M.E (produced by Battlecat)
5. fu*k Orange Juice
6. The Juice
7. Pantied Off (produced by Cool & Dre)
8. Soundtrack (WLFWR)
9. I Grew Up On Wu-Tang (produced by Bongo)
10. However You Want It (produced by Bongo)
11. Young Niggas
12. Die Young (produced by Bongo)
13. Who Can You Call
14. Baby You (produced by Cool & Dre)
15. What Your Life Like (produced by Phonix)