Slim Thug – Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King


Slim Thug just premiered his brand new Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King album this afternoon August 5, 2016 which consists of 15 new songs. Slim Thug’ew new “Hogg Life Vol. 4: American King” album has production from the likes of Mr. Lee, DJ Grim, G&B, Donnie Houston, June James, & Cy Fyre.


1. King (prod. DJ Grim)
2. Enemy (prod. Mr. Lee)
3. Family (prod. Mr. Lee)
4. Get Better (prod. Mr. Lee)
5. Hustle
6. Get Rich
7. The Just Wanna Be Heard ft. Boosie
8. IDKY ft. XO (prod. G&B)
9. Real
10. Peaceful (prod. Donnie Houston)
11. 1000 ft. Boosie (prod. June James)
12. Hold Your Head Up (prod. prod. Cy Fyre)
13. Love Letter (prod. G&B)
14. He Will (prod. Mr. Lee)
15. Chuuch ft. Nikki Lactson (prod. Mr. Lee)