San Francisco Cops Make Arrests In The Middle Of Rap Video Shoot

Check out this brand new story: According to SF Gate, the arrest took place while local Bay Area artist Yung Lott was filming a music video for the single, “Demo.” Director and videographer known as “Brian Strom” told reporters everyone complied with the police in fear of getting shot. He also continued to film during the raid. He believes the police were wrong to interrupt the video, and to arrest some of the residents on allegations and assumptions.

“Young men in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, purposely staying busy to stay out of trouble, gathered together to do something positive, creative, and productive and ended up being violently stereotyped and prejudged,” he captioned the video on YouTube.The huge group of officers–some in plain clothes–are seen questioning the 20 men at the video shoot.  After the raid, police arrested Taj Williams on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and 24-year-old Michael Higginbotham was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.