Rasmus Gozzi has been one of the fastest growing producers within the Swedish music scene. He has always been independent and has achieved significant success purely from his own hard work. Having peaked over 30 million streams in total and having over 320 000 monthly listeners on Spotify he is a one of a kind in the Swedish music scene. Rasmus Gozzi is also a common name to find on the viral 50 playlists for Sweden on Spotify and has previously released songs with big names like Sean Kingston. In 2017 3 of Rasmus Gozzi’s singles sold to gold after a remarkable number of sales.

Rasmus Gozzi is now releasing a new single with Famous Dex and Caskey, both of them being big names on the international scene. The single is called “My Money” and will be available on all digital platforms on the 12th of January. Famous Dex is one of the most streamed artists on Spotify at the moment, Caskey has more than 10 years behind him in the music scene being a well-known rapper worldwide. The single “My Money” is Rasmus Gozzi’s big step out from Swedish music into the international scene, having the world at his feet he his ready to take over the international music scene like he has done in Sweden.

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