Peewee Roscoe (Lil Wayne’s Bus Shooter) Appeals 20 Year Sentence

Peewee Roscoe (Lil Wayne’s Bus Shooter) Appeals 20 Year Sentence!


According to Bossip, Peewee Roscoe Jimmy Windfrey has appealed the 20 year sentence after being on Nov 20, 2015.

“The man who allegedly shot up Lil Wayne’s tour bus (Peewee Roscoe) has headed back to court – furious with the 20-year sentence a judge hit him with last month – and filed docs appealing the judge’s order and demanding the sentence be overturned.


Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was indicted earlier this year by Georgia prosecutors that tied him, Birdman and Young Thug to an incident where Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up.

The prosecutors claimed that after Winfrey shot up the tour bus he made a call to a phone owned by Birdman. Winfrey was also Young Thug’s tour manager at one point.

The indictment claimed Winfrey drove to the hotel where Lil Wayne’s bus stopped after being shot up — with the insinuation he went to finish the job. The indictment didn’t charge Birdman or Young Thug with any crimes but it did make it clear they were apart of the whole plot to kill Lil Wayne.

Winfrey attempted to have the entire case thrown out by arguing that Birdman and Young Thug weren’t charged with anything and also claimed the prosecutors didn’t have all their facts right in the indictment.

Then in November, the Cobb County Ga. judge sentenced Winfrey to 20 years in prison. Winfrey pled guilty to 6 of the 27 counts he was charged with in relation to the incident where Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up in Atlanta last year. The charges he pled to from the indictment were all gang-related.


The judge ordered that Winfrey was to serve 10 years in prison and another 10 years on probation.

Then on December 18th, Winfrey’s lawyer filed docs in the criminal case stating his client is appealing the sentence ordered by the judge. He is appealing both his guilty plea and the sentence that were entered by the court.”

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