Peewee Roscoe Denied Bond For 2nd Time & Charged With Domestic Terrorism For Shooting Lil Wayne’s Bus!

Young Thug & Birdman’s associate Peewee Roscoe was Denied Bond For 2nd Time + Charged With Domestic Terrorism. “In his orange jail jumpsuit, Jimmy Winfrey looked quite different from the gun-toting man depicted in rap videos involving an artist called “Young Thug.” Prosecutors say Winfrey sprayed the tour buses carrying rapper Lil Wayne and his entourage with bullets following an aborted concert in Atlanta and a long-simmering feud with another rapper. Winfrey appeared in court Monday on 27 felony counts including racketeering, assault and gang charges, including one charge that includes domestic terrorism, which stipulates his act could injure or kill more than 10 people and intimidate the civilian population. His lawyers say Winfrey’s only criminal past involves minor drug charges. “I think he’s deserving bail in this case because there’s nothing in his background other than this new charge to show he’s a danger or he’s not going to return here,” defense attorney Lawrence Zimmerman told the judge. But prosecutors disagreed. “Here’s someone that at 3 o’clock in the morning opens fire on two tour buses on I-285 in Cobb County. That’s the definition of danger,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Don Geary said. The judge agreed to hold Winfrey in jail until his trial, likely sometime next year, which angered Winfrey’s mother. “He don’t have a violent history, he never did. He don’t have any history of nothing,” Benton Chappelle told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt. Chappelle echoed her son’s lawyers, telling Cavitt some testimony indicates Winfrey wasn’t involved in the dispute that night. She said he’s been falsely accused. “I think that he was there but I don’t think he did, in fact, I know he didn’t do it,” she said.”

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