Pastor Manning Explains His Anti-LGBT Signs to Lord Jamar

Check out this exclusive interview with Pastor Manning who spoke with Lord Jamar about his Anti-LGBT Signs. The anti-LGBTQIA signs ultimately became his platform to the world, since thousands of commuters pass the church daily, “and twice on Sunday,” Pastor Manning states. Lord Jamar – who is as equally candid as Pastor Manning – doesn’t necessarily agree with every sign, but he does find each of them comical. This one in particular nearly brings the two men to tears in this clip: “All churches & members that support homos cursed be thou with HIV, Syphilis, stroke, madness, the itch, then Hell,” it read. The controversial pastor goes on to explain one of his more widespread signs, one that read “The homo demons metastasized in Harlem restaurants possibly transmit sexual disease.” “Many of them work in restaurants…They love to sit down and eat and drink and have fun,” Pastor Manning explains. “It’s hard not to be homosexual -especially when you’re digging in another man’s anus – [and] you don’t carry some disease.” His belief is gay men may go out to eat after intercourse, which can result in the spread of previously mentioned illnesses. Though he has received tons of backlash from “the rainbow crowd” in forms of protest and court orders, Pastor Manning feels they’ll never win due to the “evil spirit” that has taken over them.
In this contentious clip, both Lord Jamar and Pastor Manning agree that Caitlyn Jenner & Rachel Dolezal are “under the same banner,” all while Pastor Manning speaks on the “homosexual relations” that have gone on for decades in the church. “Homosexuality has always been an issue,” he expresses. Stream the full interview here now!