OG Maco – For Logic Fans aka The Internet [Logic Diss Track]

In a twist of events, OG Maco just dropped a diss track on Maryland rapper Logic. The feud between Maco and Logic started when Maco publically showed his displeasure for the title of Logic’s 3rd album, which was titled AfricAryaN at the time. Despite the name change to “Everybody” in able to help literally make everybody happy, Maco is still aparently beefing with Logic, which is why this diss track has been created. In the description for the track, he also calls Logic one of the “Hyped up mediocre rappers” and affirms that “Just because someone is saying a thousand words a minute doesn’t mean they’re the best”. Anyways, listen to the track on Soundcloud below, which is also the lead single off his mixtape OGMACO3: