November, Hip Hop’s newest Independent Recording Artist and Entertainer, has definitely lived up his hype #NOVEMBERWORKS, bringing 2017 to an end with his recurring role as “Duke” in the YouTube Web Series “Twisted” and finalizing his unreleased “Fire Back” single featuring D – Block’s, Bully. Leaving no stone unturned November kicks off 2018, with the release of his 4th body of work, “Without A Gun (How I Did It)”.  “Without a Gun” has received positive reviews in the Atlanta music scene, and even earned the attention of Love and Hip Hop New York’s Mama Kim, during his performance at New York’s, Sounds of Brazil (SoB’s). Mama Kim was the first DJ to exclusively spin “Without a Gun” on NY’s Lyrically Live Show on Friday, Jan 19, 2018.

The single was released in collaboration with ForEver DOPE Management and made available on digital platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, as well as worldwide on other popular download and streaming sites on January 31, 2018. Written and independently recorded over J. Cash Beatz – Dark Night beat, November delivers answers to any question on how he continues to make his mark in the music and entertainment industries. November aims to spread non-violent ways to be confident and take control.

At a time when ‘gun-play’ is encouraged in social settings, i.e “The No Lackin Challenge” and creating serious consequences, one artist dares to be different.  Encouraging men to “pick their sons up and put their guns down” and reminding fans “you can still be yourself and still be that N*gga”, November stands out in content and creativity.

The Bronx meets Atlanta, “no matter where I go the BRONX is still my home” – November.  Always returning to his roots, with delivery and descriptions but still capturing the enjoyment in the music we love today. November gives listeners a balanced dose of lyrical pictures on a fire beat. Up next and ready, he is definitely an artist that, even if you don’t want to, you should look out for #NovembersComing.  A cool ass dude, who is serious and passionate about his Crown. Relentless, November is “Locked In” on letting the world know he has arrived and doesn’t mind paying his dues to earn that Crown, as one of the BEST to ever do it.

For more on November follow  SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram. Download your copy of “Without A Gun (How I Did It)” on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify