Dame Dash coined the term “culture vulture” some years back when he was heavily beefing with Lyor Cohen and it seems like as hip-hop progresses, more and more “conscious” rappers called out these platforms for not understanding or even exploiting the culture. Nipsey Hussle sat down with Tariq Nasheed yesterday and spoke on the current state of hip-hop and he had a number of things to say about Complex Magazine and one of their top bloggers, DJ Akademiks. Complex has been called out multiple times for being “culture vultures” and Nipsey is following in the steps of Dame Dash by calling out the Verizon Wireless owned media company who owns over 30 other blogs as subsidiary companies. Nipsey Hussle spoke on the company “acting Boujee” and criticizing the culture when they are not necessarily apart of it. He continued and spoke of DJ Akademiks who has been called out a number of times for “soft shoe cooning” and sensationalizing negativity on his platform & on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” show. Nipsey Hussle had a message for both Complex & DJ Akademiks and wanted them to know to “if you don’t come from the hip-hop culture, be careful how you critique it because your opinion hasn’t been validated”. Watch the interview below which we have timestamped for your convenience.