New Song: PhysicMusic – Gawd Damn

With “Gawd Damn”, the first single off the debut mixtape
“The Professional”, Physic takes his lyrical ability to a different level and makes you want to say “Gawd Damn!”. A catch phrase
continuously used in every Physic record, “Gawd Damn” is
hot in its own right. Accompanied by the sounds of
BRAVESTARR, the Orlando rapper gives you a taste of
what’s to come. He speaks about his hard work and
determination to be one of the greats. Cleverly taking you
through his life, he tells the listener he’ll “give you my
lifestyle not B-roll” This is a record that will have you
bouncing in your car with the windows down on a any day.
“Gawd Damn”, officially out April 10th.

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Physic is an American rapper, song writer, director and Producer hailing from Queens, New York, born right as the 90’s were beginning. When he was 7, his family moved to Orlando, Florida, and he grew up during a time when the southern sound was beginning to flourish and make it’s mark on the hip hop scene. Physic was inspired at a very young age by artists such as The Diplomats, Common, NAS, and Little Brother. While influenced by the classics, Physic was also inspired by contemporary artists such as T.I., Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne. When Physic was 11, his English teacher became intrigued in his student’s unique poetry and method of storytelling. Encouraged by his teacher, Physic picked up the pen and pad for the first time, and began to develop what would become a unique style channeling 90’s hip hop with a modern southern slant. Physic found himself falling in love with the art of writing songs. He would self isolate as a teen, channeling his energy into his stories and expressing himself through rhyme.

Fast forward to New York, 2019. After emerging on the scene with the release of “Abstrakt Planet”, a Bad Abstrakt mixtape in collaboration with Jose Nova, Physic has features on VENTS, The Hype Magazine, and The Word Is Bond. Physic has opened up for Benny the Butcher, and has collaborated with Smoke DZA,, Ski Beatz, and Drink Champs engineer Hazardis Sounds. Physic also worked with Ric & Thadeus, BRAVESTARR and King Corn Beatz to produce his debut
mixtape “The Professional”. Inspired by these high profile producers, Physic displays a masterclass of collaboration with his extensive lyrical ability and his down south bounce.
“Physic The Professional” is the first installment of a two part series set to debut in summer 2020. The first two singles releasing are “Gawd Damn” and “High”.

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