Meek Mill Misses Out On Movie Role With Will Smith Due To Probation

Meek Mill Misses Out On Movie Role With Will Smith Due To Probation

Meek Mill has taken what has to be one of the biggest L’s of the year smh.


Meek Mill was meant to travel to #Hollywood, Calif., in #November regarding a role in “12 O’Clock Boys,” an upcoming movie by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.

It’s based on the story of the infamous West #Baltimore illegal-dirt-bike riders who were the subject of an indie documentary that debuted at #SXSW in 2013. Meek Mill was to play the role of “Wheelie Wayne”. But Mill missed a scheduled trip to #LA for the film because he had to take a urine test as part of his probation just four days after a previous test.

Another high-profile gig he’ll miss, because of the court order to keep him in #Philly till February, is a #LasVegas concert with #Nicki at #Drai’s, for which sources said Mill would’ve made $140,000. We’re told it was the first step in getting him a residency, which is now also in jeopardy. “He’s at a defining moment in his career,” said a source. “And they are prohibiting him from work.”

Judge Genece Brinkley ruled that Mill was in“technical violation” of his probation, but has not decided on any punishment.


Sources close to Mill counter that he’s the one who’s been responsible, calling his parole officer numerous times to arrange scheduling for work, but his calls go ignored. They also claim a violation of his urine tests came because of creatine in one case and another when a lab tech threw a urine sample in the trash and it couldn’t be tested.