Meek Meek And Funkmaster Fail Terribly Trying To “Expose” Drake

Late last night while the internet was going nuts about Meek Mill’s recent beef with Drake where he suggested that That Drizzy didn’t write his own lyrics, Funkmaster Flex was working hard researching like he worked for some private investigation firm. We have obtained Funkmaster Flex’s “evidence” of what he found while researching Quentin Miller who is credited in a few of Drake’s If You’re Hearing This It’s Too Late album. Funkmaster Flex and his minion Meek Mill are suggesting that Quentin Miller wrote Drake’s 10 Bands song and you can listen to Quentin Millers version and compare it to Drakes version and decide for yourself in the validity of this claim. If your ears work anything like ours you would cringe at the thought of this guy trying to suggest that he was anywhere in the same hemisphere metaphorically speaking in comparison to Drake. Meek Mill & Funkmaster Flex sound like little high school females running around gossiping about the alleged “ghost writing” contribution of Quentin Miller to Drake’s 10 Bands song while he was indeed credited for co-writing. Finally, this version of Quentin Miller’s 10 Bands proves nothing as it was released 7/22/2015 so the validity of the claim is nothing more than what in what a court of law would call “hearsay”, Drake’s 10 Bands song was released February 12, 2015 in comparison to Quentin’s horrendous rendition which just leaked last night.