Lil Wayne Says Birdman Refuses To Produce Bank Statements, Taxes, Nicki Minaj & Drake’s Contracts

Lil Wayne and Birdman ‘Baby’ Williams have been in a beef for years for unpaid royalties generated by Young Money and as a result, they have been stuck in court in litigation and for some time it felt like it would never get resolved. We got an update on the case via The Blast, where we learned that On February 21, Lil Wayne filed a motion to compel production of documents in his years-long $50 million-dollar lawsuit against Birdman’s Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne accused Birdman ‘Baby’ Williams of misleading the court by pretending Cash Money has turned over all documents in their possession that the rapper has demanded they turn over. This is where it gets tricky but if you know all the facts you will understand why Lil Wayne’s suit demands so much money and is warranted. On November 1998, Lil Wayne signed to Cash Money money records as an artist on February 2003. Young Money was officially launched and Lil Wayne owns 49% of Young Money, Birdman and Cash Money own the other 51%. All copyrights, fees, profits, etc. will be similarly split between them. Lil Wayne is not able to sign artists to Young Money without Cash Money’s approval as a stipulation to the contact.

Lil Wayne did confirm that Cash Money produced over 121,000 pages of documents but calls them mostly tediously accounting reports prepared by Universal Music, which the Cash Money Label is under. Lil Wayne continues saying that Cash Money was ordered to produce documents but continues to refuse to turn over important information needed in the case. He pointed out that while Cash Money claims that their company has earned over nearly a quarter Billion dollars or $200 million in cash flow, that it has no accounting records, no general ledger, no bank account records and no tax returns at all.

This is where it gets even sticker, Lil Wayne owns 49% of all profits earned by Young Money, with that information it is easy to see why he is owed so much money considering two of the worlds biggest artist being signed to the label. Drake & Nicki Minaj are both signed to Young Money an is well know that the two have generated 100’s of millions of dollars for the label.

In his lawsuit, Lil Wayne claims that the information Cash Money is refusing to provide directly relates to the contracts with Nicki Minaj and Drake. Wayne has demanded that all the records pertaining to Nicki Minaj and the label since 2011, but Cash Money claims that they have no such documents. Lil Wayne countered that with a statement saying “that’s impossible due to Nicki releasing albums with the company since 2011”. Lil Wayne also demanded all contractual information pertaining to Cash Money’s deals with Drake, but they claimed to have documents available at all.

Cash Money is clearly doing shady deals but that’s no secret considering that he ripped off a number of artists including Juvenile, B.G. The Hot Boys, Mannie Fresh, Turk, Tyga, DJ Khaled & of course Lil Wayne.  The judge has yet to rule on the motion but Birdman did confirm that Tha Carter 5 was dropping this year a few weeks ago.