La Mazii – Make It Work


Huntsville, AL is not known for its thriving music scene, much less as a hotbed for urban music. But the city has given rise to an artist whose descriptive lyricism and songwriting ability is set to a position at the top of the today’s rap game.

As far back as he can remember, 18-year-old Think It’s a Game Recording Artist La Mazii has gravitated towards what he calls “reality rap.” As he entered high school, his interest in music shifted from that of a casual fan to that of a potential artist, as music had become his outlet for the reality of his own life. As he began exploring the idea of pursuing a career in music, he poured hours into honing his skills as a writer, studying artists like Kevin Gates & Lil Boosie, whose music was relatable.

Despite the absence of a Hip-hop community or resources for rappers in his city, La Mazii also exposed to the entertainment industry by way of his father, a security professional whose clientele over the past 25 years has included artists like Lil Wayne and Boosie, to name a few. His father’s guidance continues to be a major factor in Mazii’s career. It was most vital at a time during which, while Mazii was pouring his struggles into his music, he still saw the streets as a viable option; when he and the two friends he formed a group with – both of whom are currently incarcerated – spent just as much time hustling as they did recording.


“I come from the streets,” says his father, Haze. “So I never sugar coated anything with him. And I had to teach him that it ain’t nothing in the streets but caskets and cases. And as he started to see some of the things I warned him about manifesting in his own life, he started to listen to me.”


With his father’s guidance, Mazii’s begun laying the foundation for a promising career. Over the past year, he has been building a fanbase through the release digital music. Each song showcases his ability to speak to his peers, appeal to older fans and create his own lane. While many artists in his age range are not particularly concerned with lyricism, Mazii finds nothing more important than putting thought and effort into what he’s saying and how he’s saying it; if for no other reason than what it may mean to someone else. “Everything I rap about, somebody can relate to,” he explains. “Cuz if you think about it, everybody around the world go through the same shit, just at different times”

As he prepares for the release of his debut project “Out The Gate,” La Mazii feels fully confident that this is his time and that his approach to music guarantees a win. “I’m breaking away from everything that was holding me back,” he says. “I take it more seriously now. It’s different when you’re dealing with someone who’s rapping just to rap. When I hear beats, I actually feel the music. And I’m gonna make sure you feel what I feel.”  Visit Soundcloud for hear “For My Brothers”

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