Kevin Gates: “I Might Duck Every Now & Then When I’m On The Heroin, But I Don’t Get Tired”

Kevin Gates: “I Might Duck Every Now & Then When I’m On The Heroin, But I Don’t Get Tired”…. yea it’s actually what the Lousiana Rapper was quoted saying DJ Booth. See the full story below the video.


During the course of Kevin Gates’ extended interview in our office he was extraordinarily open and honest, with Gates you have to expect the unexpected, but one moment still caught us off guard.

When we asked him for a quick drop, a soundbite most rappers frankly coast through automatically, it sounded like Gates mentioned using heroin, but he mentioned it so casually we initially wondered if that’s actually what he said. Having listened back to it several times now we all agree that he did in fact say:

“…I might duck every now and then when I’m on the heroin, but I don’t get tired.”

Gates is certainly no stranger to talking about drug use. In a number of interviews he’s mentioned drinking lean, but this is the first time he’s more explicitly referenced heroin use, and that reference made me realize that, while talk about prescription pills, lean, alcohol and marijuana use in hip-hop is rampant, heroin use is mentioned so rarely it’s essentially never mentioned, which is what made Gates’ casual aside so shocking.

Of course, this is far from an sort of confession or admission. While I think it’s clear that he was literally referring to heroin, he could have been exaggerating, joking, meant something completely different, or maybe was in fact speaking truthfully about heroin use. We’ll just have to chalk it up to another moment in the increasingly long list of double-take inducing quotes from Gates, and listen to his upcoming Islah album closely for any other references. – DJ Booth