With a unique style that can only be described as “Flavor”, Keeng Cut debuts his latest video “Cuttin Up”. To say the track is a hit would be an understatement as it has grown into a cultural phenomenon that has the whole world “Cuttin Up”. The track’s popularity has even lead to a “Sushi Roll Challenge” in which participants sing the high-pitched part “Love it when I feed you sushi roll” to unsuspecting by standers.

Keeng Cut is a rapper from Tulsa, OK who has developed a style that is all his own including his alter ego Flavio Cútatore. Since Keeng Cut’s smash hit “Own It” was introduced to the world he has done nothing but live it. Whether rapping or singing Keeng Cut’s versatility has proved to be an asset, and with his signature ad-lib “OOPS” it’s clear that he is doing it his way.  

The video “Cuttin Up” is directed by Steph Simon with the help of Padefilms and Trak of Noble United Productions were able to capture a day in the life of Keeng Cut. In the video Keeng Cut takes you on a trip as he cuts the lawn, stops to get a hair cut, and even has a solo seen on a fire truck all while “Cuttin Up”. This all culminates to a performance at the popular black-owned the TNT Wangs (which is a staple of the Downtown Tulsa experience) where he and customers do what a Jim would CUT UP.

Checkout “Keeng Cut’s video “Cuttin Up” below:

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