Kanye West says”He Does Not Fear God” & says “religion is used as a tool to control people”

Kanye West announced that he would be dropping a new in June and broke the net a few days ago but today he’s back in the headlines but this time it’s not about music. Anytime Kanye West is on Twitter he’s bound to shake things up and today he’s under fire after he posted a rather interesting Tweet about “fearing Gods”. Kanye West was quoted saying “I don’t subscribe the term and concept of God-fearing. That’s a dated mentality that was used to control people. We are in the future. If God is love and loves it’s the opposite of fear then…to fear God makes no sense”. Kanye West has always been outspoken but these claims are surely going to cause a lot of controversies and coming from a man who made a song like Jesus Walks it makes you wonder. Yeezy will surely keep going on about his new thought process throughout the day and this surely will be one of the biggest stories of the week. Kanye West & also claims that “We are in the future”. He also asks ” If God is love and love it’s the opposite of fear then…to fear God makes no sense?”

Kanye West is surely a forward thinker but these Tweets seem a bit strange considering it’s not even 11 am and Yeezy is Twitter ranting. We will continue to update the post as more details develop, check back soon.