In a  song titled Nightstand K. Michelle took shots at Meek Mill for having “weak dick game”.  She also was heard quoted saying that she likes Drake better than “Meek Mill”. We have included the lyrics below for you and we have also included the song with a time-stamp so you can hear it for yourself.

“Got a nikka right here on my left 
I done rode him to death
Guess I gotta please myself
Hey-yeah, yeah
Tell me why I can’t feel it no more?
Most of y’all nikkas can’t afford sleeping in my bed
Oh, ooh
That new ‘Rari, Bugatti you rapping ’bout, boo
Boy, it’s levels, you lyin’
Ain’t none of it true
Just being honest,
I promise the jewelry that you gave me
I never even wear it and
I like Drake better than you
All my boss bytches know”