Judge Genece Brinkley will not remove herself from Meek Mill’s case

The world celebrated Meek Mill’s releases yesterday after but it seems that it’s not over just yet! A few moments ago TMZ reported that Judge Genece Brinkley (AKA The judge who violated Meek Mill) would not be removing herself from the case despite the Pennsylvania Supreme Court suggesting her to. Judge Genece Brinkley lawyer A. Charles Peruto, Jr. assures that she has been and will continue to give Meek a fair shot. Meek Mill is free now but he is scheduled to be back in court where the hearing will determine if Meek Mill’s old drug and weapons case should be thrown out because of the testimony of a crooked cop. Judge Brinkley is standing firm and not backing down to Meek Mill’s legal team. June will be very interesting, hopefully, Meek Mill can stay out of trouble until then and can get the case thrown out after the next hearing.