KOD is the best hip-hop album of 2018… facts!

J. Cole has been praised as top-tier MC for years and his new project “KOD” is the album which will undoubtedly stop the naysayers. J. Cole’s KOD album has 12 tracks including Window Pain which epitomizes which held in such high regard. Story Telling is a crucial element in hip-hop and nowadays it seems like it’s almost a lost artform but J. Cole shows that it’s still possible to have a message over hard hitting 808 drums. J. Cole also questions how young men from the East Coast & the “South” adapted L.A.’s Gang culture in his hometown of Fayetteville, NC.

How you claim blood or cuz when that was just a LA thing?
I don’t mean no disrespect towards your set, no, I’m just sayin’
That it seem like for acceptance niggas will do anything
Niggas will rep any gang, niggas will bust any head
Niggas will risk everything, point him out and then he dead
Shootin’ up where his granny live, “blaow, blaow!”, his granny duck
He don’t give a fuck, he’s on Henny and Xanny’d up

That is one of the most thought-provoking lyrics on the album which has the makings of a classic from the first few listens. Let us know what you think of J. Cole’s “Window Pain” song below and be sure to check out the entire album stream here at the provided link.

J. Cole – KOD