Is Nicki Minaj’s ‘QUEEN’ album a flop?

Nicki Minaj dropped her ‘QUEEN’ album out of nowhere over the weekend without notice and broke the internet. Just a few days later it seems as if Nicki Minaj’s album may have lost its momentum after looking at the projects streaming numbers on major platforms. Nicki Minaj did not release her album on Youtube but the numbers from two of the biggest platforms Spotify & Apple Music/iTunes have come in and they aren’t as impressive as a lot of people expected. Nicki Minaj has a whopping 90 million followers on Instagram & over 20 million on Twitter but she only managed to get one track from the album into the top 40. Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreamz” is at #16 on Spotify at the moment with over 200,000 streams, however, on iTunes her album has not done as well.  Many are calling the album on flop via social media criticizing the streams.. let us know you think below in the comment section.

Spotify Numbers

16. (-10) Barbie Dreams by Nicki Minaj
76. (-26) Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne) by Nicki Minaj
78. (-21) Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj
88. (-36) Chun Swae (feat. Swae Lee) by Nicki Minaj
103. (-48) Majesty (feat. Eminem & Labrinth) by Nicki Minaj
113. (-35) LLC by Nicki Minaj
136. (-60) Ganja Burns by Nicki Minaj
142. (-61) Thought I Knew You (feat. The Weeknd) by Nicki Minaj
171. (-58) Good Form by Nicki Minaj
173. (-79) Hard White by Nicki Minaj