Fans say Drake premeditated murdering XXXtentaction on “I’m Upset”

Fans are having a hard time letting go of xxxtentaction. A number of theories have surfaced around his death, including a new theory that Drake killed him. A few months ago xxxtentaction posted on IG “If anyone tries to killed me it was @ChampagnePapi aka Drake on Instagram.

Fans are hypercritical of Drake’s lyrics from his latest single ‘I’m Upset’ which has the lyrics.

“SMS, triple X, That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck (skrr)
Why you keep on shootin’ if you know that nigga dead? (Skrr)
That’s the only kind of shit that gets you some respect” – Drake
Fans are thinking that Drake either planned the murder on XXX who was shot in the neck, and other fans think that XXX and Drake planned this and it is apart of a bigger picture.