Eminem releases the album cover for his ‘Revival’ album

Eminem released the tracklist for his ‘Revival’ album a few days ago, today he blessed us with the official album cover for the 19 track album. Eminem is scheduled to drop his ‘Revival’ album next week on Dec 15, 2017, the whole world has been anticipating a new single this week and tonight we will finally get a new track. Be sure to check back s

1. Walk On Water (ft. Beyonce)

2. Believe

3. Chloraseptic (ft. Phresher)

4. Untouchable

5. River (feat. Ed Sheeran)

6. Remind Me (Intro)

7. Remind Me

8. Revival (Interlude)

9. Like Home (ft. Alicia Keys)

10. Bad Husband (ft.

11. Tragic Endings (ft. Skylar Grey)

12. Framed

13. Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani)

14. Heat

15. Offended

16. Need Me (ft. PINK)

17. In Your Head

18. Castle

19. Arose