Drake – Pop Style (New Verse)


Drake premiered a brand new verse on his Pop Style song which features The Throne aka Kanye West & Jay-Z.


They still out to get me, I don’t get it
I can not be got, that’s a given
Give a real nigga number one
Even though I got like twenty-one
Schooling you ass like one on one
They been out here tryna slide on me
They been out here telling lies on me
Everybody looking out for theyself
But they still got they eyes on me
See me putting in the hard work now, aye
Momma doesn’t have to call work now, aye
I decide when to start work now, aye
Problems hit the gym, they all work out
MVP, MVP, oh-nine all the way to sixteen
Even next season looking like a breeze
Lot of y’all ain’t built for the league, yeah
Trade you off the team while you in your sleep, yeah
Y’all showed me that nothing’s guaranteed
And you don’t know what you started
My friend’s chain so big that he look like the artist
I can’t trust no fuckin’ body
They still out to get me cause they never got me