DOM KENNEDY & Hit Boy “Courtesy Of Half-A-Mil”

DOM KENNEDY & Hit Boy are back it with a brand new EP called “Courtesy Of Half-A-Mil” which has 14 new tracks on the project. The project was released which was released without warning has a number of guest appearances from Larry June, B. Carr, & Ty Dolla Sign, Jay 305, & Tyus. From the first listen it’s clear that the project itself is dope, but an immediate standout track “Too Many Ways” which features Ty Dolla Sign is must listen from the project. Stream DOM KENNEDY & Hit-Boy’s “Courtesy of Half-A-Mil” EP here first.

01 Tony Fontana
02 Fix Me a Plate (feat. Larry June)
03 Don’t Know Me
04 Numbers
05 500 Band Clique
06 Le Parc Suites
07 The Most (feat. Tyus)
08 1st & 10
09 Trickin (feat. B. Carr)
10 Full Circle
11 Eric Wright (feat. Jay 305)
12 Bottled Water
13 Too Many Ways (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
14 My Doggs