Last month Chilly Chills dropped his Black Methaphor produced song Til I Go and shocked the world , tonight he’s back with his first official release of 2018 and it’s beyond Dope. Don’t You Hate It is the title of the track which is an exclusive Brand New Hip Hop release in conjunction with NewHipHopNews. Chilly Chills is not your typical Atlanta “trap rapper”, instead he is a true MC who has often been compared to some of the greats such as Andre 3000 & Kendrick Lamar. We are sure you will become a fan of Chilly Chills from just one listen, let us know what you think of his new single Don’t You Hate It below after streaming the record.

Check out the official music video for Chilly Chill’s Til I Go 

Video: Chilly Chills – Til I Go’