Chief Keef – Dedication (Album)

Chief Keef has solidified himself as one of the most influential drill rappers in the game and tonight he plans to take these further with the release of his “Dedication” album. Chief Keef’s ‘Dedication’ album has 15 singles on the project which have some of the best production thanks to D. Rich, Stuntman, K.E. on the track, Ness & CBMix.  The album also has a number of dope features from the likes of Tadoe, A Boogie Wit The Hoodie, & Lil Yachty. We have got an early stream for you to listen to Chief Keef’s ‘Dedication’ album early before it is released tonight at 12 PM, enjoy!

Download Chief Keef – Dedication album

Chief Keef “Dedication” album tracklist

1. “Ticket” (prod. by D. Rich) 0:00
2. “Keke Palmer” (prod. by StuntMan) 03:10
3. “Mail Box” (prod. by D. Rich) 06:30
4. “Cook” (prod. by D. Rich) 9:45
5. “Bad” Feat. Tadoe (prod. by Turbo) 13:30
6. “Text” (prod. by StuntMan) 16:50
7. “Get It” (prod. by D. Rich) 23:25
8. “Glory Bridge” Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (prod. by Ness) 20;35
9. “Negro” (prod. by K.E. on the Track) 26:22
10. “Less Speed” (prod. by D. Rich) 28:18
11. “Come on Now” Feat. Lil Yachty (prod. by CBMix) 31:15
12. “Kills” (prod. by D. Rich) 34:10
13. “Told Y’all” (prod. by D. Rich) 37:00
14. “Let Me See” Feat. Tadoe (prod. by D. Rich) 39:50
15. “Be Back” 42:55