Charlamagne: I Respect Kanye West for Owning Up to His Shit

VladTV regular Charlamagne tha God discussed his recent Breakfast Club interviews with Tyga and Kanye West, saying both of them were able to do the show because they were able to be open, honest, and own up to their respective controversies. Neither one of them dodged the tough questions and were able to speak their peace while being hit with a few doses of reality from tha God.

Charlamagne also speaks on lost footage of Kanye saying Tyga and Kylie are in love, admitting that he has no idea why that was omitted during the editing process, but thanks whoever leaked it for drawing more attention to the interview.

The popular radio host also shared his thoughts on Kanye’s first Breakfast Club interview versus this latest one, saying he wasn’t as mad at Kanye this time around, but did ask about his after-Grammy rant where he said Beck should give his award to Beyonce. Kanye admitted on the show he was wrong for that, with Charlamagne thinking Yeezy has matured greatly over the last two years.

Tha God also shares his thoughts on the latest Yeezys.