Celina Powell is an upcoming IG thot and today she’s back in the headlines with his alleged baby father, Offset of Migos. Celina & Offset are beefing on Twitter and he claims that he doesn’t know her despite her claims of being her alledging having raw unprotected sex at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Celinda Powell fired back posting receipts of her and Offsets conversation saying “Y’all go tell him he gots me fucked up +1 (404) 434-0454 thanks”. Celina gave out Offsets personal cell phone number on Twitter and also showed screenshots of Text messages of them about to meet up at the Four Seasons where she claims he impregnated her.  Celina told Offset to take the DNA test if he wants her to go away but many are speculating that he might indeed be the father and is on her “Kirk Frost” tip.

Celina Powell also adds validity to her story by showing messages from Cardi Bs best friend Star Brim telling her to “pull up”. Star Brim is highly upset at the accusations and is most likely responding to Cardi B who is handling the situation by not acknowledging Celina.

The two are still going back and forth on Twitter, you can keep up with the beef here.