Cardi B is hands down one of the hottest entertainers on the planet and we’ve heard rumors of her being pregnant by Migos member Offset for months but never had solid proof until now. Cardi B dropped her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy” on April 6th and to send media into even more frenzy she decided to reveal her baby bump on live Television on SNL. This is the first time we have publicly heard Cardi B speak and the timing was perfect do the fact that it lined up with her album release date perfectly. Cardi B & Offset seem thrilled about their upcoming child which is the first for Cardi B and the 5th for her fiance, Offset. On another note, if you haven’t heard Cardi B’s debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy” you need to catch up ASAP as it will be all you will be hearing for the next for months. We have got your back luckily, you can listen to the entire album in its entirety for free here at the provided link.


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