You may have noticed Irv Gotti taking over the TV scene with BET Tales TV show, as Jarule, and Ashanti city to city touring with their catalog spreading all over radio worldwide. With so many others on the former Murder Inc roster: Chink Santana, Lloyd, Vita, Charli Baltimore, many may ask, where is the legendary Black Child?

The new Mr. Black Child is now a Movie Producer, Actor, Music Manager, Executive VP A&R, and a Father. He has been working on producing some comedy films with some great urban A-list comedians. Black Child is not new to the film screen he was featured in Kojak, and Animal with Ving Rhames, also Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal, and DMX. Currently, he is seen in TV shows: BET Tales he plays SnowMan in Cold Hearted, Gucci in Life without Hope, and Shawn, the Villain that took over Rex’s territory better known as the Legendary Clifton Powell, in Saints and Sinners. As Black Child told Clifton Powell “I’m Running Things Now!” As he was severe, he is the new dangerous guy villain on screen.
Currently working on BET Tales new season, and preparing for the Murder Inc movie, and the talked about Supreme Team film. He is also presently managing producers, and overseeing Murder Inc music projects, along with dropping his long-awaited album. As he matured from a Boy to Man to King, he also raises his three daughters. Today he is more cautious about setting a foundation for his family.

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