Bill O Reilly Demonlishes Donald Trump In New Interview

Bill O Reilly Demonlishes Donald Trump In New Interview:

Bill O’Reilly interviews Donald Trump about the Syrian refugees and how Trump doesn’t want them to come to the US. If they do come to the US then he wants them all documented so they can monitor them. O’Reilly suggested that it should just be the women and children. Trump then says that’s still not a good idea because look at what happened with the brothers bombing Boston and how they were refugees and came to the US as they were little boys.

Bill O’Reilly calls out Trump on his tweeting about the stats on black on white crime. Trump had re-tweeted someone else’s tweet on a statistic that was not true.

Donald Trump also dissed Karl Rove during the segment and how his past doesn’t win elections spending $400 Million and doesn’t win.