Benzino & Eminem have had one of the most entertaining beefs in hip-hop and a few moments ago NHHS broke the story that Benzino had re-ignited their beef vis social media. Benzino not only dissed Eminem, but also his fan a month after Eminem dropped his Revival album.

Benzino Disses Eminem & His Fans “His Album Is Garbage & He Can’t Rap Anymore” in a barrage of post via Twitter & Instagram. Benzino & Eminem have had a long-term beef stemming back from the early 2000’s and it appears that it’s still not over, lol. – NHHS

“These so called “Rap Gods” got all these features and albums are still Garbo. I destroyed this verse……no hype, no corny rhyme words, no gimmicks, no screaming, no wack cypher acapella rapping JUST REAL HOOD BARS.” – Benzino