6IX9INE snitches on Anthony Jamel Ellison, Shottie ,Trey Way gang after being arrested by the FBI on RICO & Racketeering charges

Last week 6ix9ine canceled all of his U.S. Tour after publically distancing himself from Trey Way. This morning social media went in a frenzy after it was made public that he was arrested along with Crippy, & Shottie on RICO & Racketeering charges. Shortly after hip-hop reporter DomIsLive broke the news that Tekashi 6IX9INE was snitching and working with the feds against Trey Way. A few months 6IX9INE was kidnapped and robbed by a former affiliate Jamel Elliot who robbed $750,000 worth of jewelry and $20,000 back on July 22, 2018.

Updated story. FBI Picked Sunday to Arrest 6ix9ine after Finding out His Fired Employees were Planning Revenge

6IX9INE spoke on the robbery in the video below:

6IX9INE is reportedly currently working with the FBI to help prosecute Anthony Jamel Ellison. These are very serious charges and considering the Feds have 93% conviction rate it makes sense why 6IX9INE has been distancing himself from Trey Way.

Watch the breakdown of the incident below.

Hip-Hop Legend Yukmouth gave more insight about 6IX9INE snitching on Anthony Jamel Ellison.

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