6IX9INE fires his manager Shottie “Tr3yway” and cancels all of his U.S. Tour Dates

6IX9INE is back in the headlines today and surprising this time it’s not about his antics. This time Tekashi 6IX9INE is back with a message where he announced that he has canceled his whole U.S. Tour and that he needs a new manager & booking agent. A few days ago it was made public that a member of Tr3y Way was the one who has kidnapped 6IX9INE back a few months ago. According to TMZ “Tekashi was pistol-whipped and robbed blind by goons — crimes for which Ellison was arrested and indicted last week. Law enforcement sources tell us they believe Ellison had “real beef” with Tekashi.

A member of the Tr3y Way Gang felt as 6IX9INE had not properly paid him for “securing” him against his numerous OPs on the East, Midwest & West Coast. He claims that his manager “Shottie” has been fire and that he is not currently booking shows and that those who are trying are attempting to steal. Watch the video below: