This checking in thing is getting out of control. Apparently, Atlanta has become a no-fly zone for rappers and this story we’re breaking tonight is surely going to become a topic of discussion throughout this week. A few weeks ago 21 Savage banned all crips from East Atlanta and a few moments ago we learned that 21 Savage really wants smoke. Nipsey Hussle who is season Crip responded to 21 Savage via Twitter saying “Listen man i heard you said I can’t come to the East Side of Atlanta, Well let me tell you something, i got Crips in Atlanta who rock with me. We crippin and we smoking all you blood rappers and blood niggaz. 21 Savage didnt take that too lightly and allegedly had his “goons” come shoot up a club where Nipsey was making an appearance at in East Atlanta. Watch the video below where it’s explained in detail here first.