Rick Ross speaks on his upcoming “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” album + possible joint-album with Drake

A few months ago Rick Ross spoke of the possibility of a joint album with her and Drake and today we got an update on the project via Complex. Drake & Rick Ross never fail to deliver quality rap music when they collaborate and have dropped countless classics like Aston Martin Music, Money In The Grave, Lemon Pepper Freestyle, Gold Roses, Lord Knows, Made Men, Stay Schemin, I’m On One, Free Spirit, & Diced Pineapples. This is collaboration is surely one of the most anticipated collabrative projects from any true hip-hop head and it looks like we just get it this year!

Rozay was quoted saying “Well, me and Drizzy, we may have spoken within the last 48 hours. But it’s only so much I can say other than: this is the closest or the realest he’s ever been. He’s wrapping up his project and I’m in the same space. So the timing and everything is aligning. It’s something that we really want to give to the streets, on some real shit. So, it’s looking real solid. That’s the most I can say.” – Rick Ross

Fans have went into a frenzy after the announcement via Social media. Rick Ross also announced that his upcoming album “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” is in the final stages of the recording process and that the album would be coming this Summer. He also announced that he wanted to release two singles from the album and that they could possibly be coming in the next two of three weeks, Rick Ross never fails to deliver quality street music and we are sure that his “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” will not be disappointing. Be sure to check back soon for the update on the album and for more information about he and Drakes upcoming collaborative album.

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