Young Nudy “Nudy Land” (Mixtape)

PDE’s own Yung Nudy of Slaughter Gang is back with his brand new highly anticipated “Nudy Land” mixtape which is easily one of the hottest trap mixtapes of 2017. Yung Nudy’s “Nudy Land” mixtape has 13 new tracks which have production from Pierre Bourne, Richie Souf, & Tariq & Chef and features from Lil Yachty & Offset of MIGOS.

Download Young Nudy “Nudy Land” mixtape here

Young Nudy’s Nudy Land Tracklist

1. “Judge Scott Convicted” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
2. “Fatsane” (prod. by Richie Souf)
3. “4L Gang Shit” (prod. by Richie Souf)
4. “From Back Den to Loaded Baked Potato” (prod. by Tariq & Chef)
5. “Bermuda” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
6. “Barbecue” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
7. “Cancer Stick” Feat. Offset (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
8. “Nutsack” (prod. by Banned)
9. “Money Makin Mitch” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
10. “Hell Shell” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
11. “Ferris Wheel” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
12. “Pussy” (prod. by Pierre Bourne)
13. “No Clue” Feat. Lil Yachty (prod. by Pierre Bourne)



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