“I want to be the biggest popstar in the world… like drake, but not drake at all…”

Rory Fresco is a new Kansas City rapper who came on the scene last year with his single “Lowkey” which became famous after the random Soundcloud song algorithm made his song play right after Kanye West’s “Real Friends”. After the song became part of the algorithm, it gained millions of plays and gained attention by numerous media sources. A few months after becoming famous, he dropped his “Mad World” mixtape, which is a “Cult-Classic” mixtape, due to it’s underground nature and the difficulty that comes with finding a download/stream link for the tape. Now, over a year later, we bring you into the mind of Rory Fresco, only weeks after his Lottery single, which is the lead single to his upcoming mixtape “Teen Spirit”…

Rory Is The Next Popstar…

Who is Rory Fresco? This is a question that many have been asking themselves over and over again over the last year or so… When he dropped his first track on Soundcloud. Who was Rory Fresco? When he dropped his next tracks on Soundcloud. WHO was Rory Fresco? When his hit song Lowkey dropped? Ok, WHO WAS RORY FRESCO??? Then, when Lowkey became famous… “Oh, I’ve known about Rory Fresco” and “In Before One Million Streams” were what many were saying.

Now, after being signed to Epic Records, meeting many, many celebrities including G Eazy, LA Reid, Timbaland, and more… After his mixtape “Mad World” dropped and after his “Lottery” single dropped, we finally can show you who Rory is. Who is Rory? Rory is the next Popstar. At least, that’s according to him that is, but based on the songs he’s dropped so far, I can’t help but agree.

However, his self-proclaimed status as “The Next Popstar” unfortunately isn’t enough to fully bring you into the mind of Rory Fresco. That’s why we conducted an exclusive interview with him. We’ll fill you in on the “Lowkey” and “Lottery” rappers’ Inspirations, Early Life, Details on his “Teen Spirit” mixtape that will drop April 27th, his early life living in Kansas City, and more…

OK, so how many tracks does your mixtape, “Teen Spirit” have?  

I’m still working on it so I’m not sure.

Can you name some of the rappers and producers you worked with for this upcoming mixtape?

I cant say just yet. It changes everyday…

At what location/locations did you record your new mixtape?

I recorded the whole thing at home, in my bedroom. 

When did you come up with your hit single Lowkey?

In December of 2015.

At what location did you record Lowkey?

I recorded Lowkey in my bedroom also.

What famous people have you conversed with since being brought into the spotlight?

Cant really name all but the one that stood out the most would have to be Timbaland.

Do you have any music or an idea of the music that you plan to drop after Teen Spirit?

Yes, so much music coming. I make better music everyday.

When did you first start rapping?

First started at like 15.

Are there any artists or producers that you worked with for Teen Spirit that were cut from the final version of the mixtape?

Hmmmm, I guess you can say that but they are being used for something else…

Who are the biggest inspirations to your music?

Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

What artists and producers do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?

Vinylz, DJ Dahi, 070 Shake and probably Kid Cudi.

Who is in your list of top 5 rappers right now? 

  1. Jay Z
  2. 2. Ye
  3. Cudi
  4. Cole
  5. Kendrick

What were you doing rap wise before your debut Soundcloud song?

I was honestly doing the same thing. Recording music at home.

Do you plan to have any big artists feature on remixes of any of the songs off Teen Spirit, similar to G Eazy on the Lowkey remix?

Hmm who knows. Anything could happen after this tape…

How long have you been working on Teen Spirit?

Like 6 months now.

How long did you work on your previous project, Mad World?

Like a month tops…

I heard a rumor that the song “Movie Screens” off your Mad World project would be getting a part 2 with Kanye West on it. Is this true?

Who knows what will happen… Haha…

Why did you take Mad World off your official SoundCloud?

My label did…

Do you consider Teen Spirit or Mad World your debut mixtape?

Teen Spirit all the way!

If you have leftovers from “Teen Spirit”, do you plan to release them after “Teen Spirit”?

I do…

Is there going to be a second single after “Lottery” or are you done with any releasing until Teen Spirit releases?

Still deciding on that…

I saw that Teen Spirit comes out April 27th. Is that correct?


What platforms will Teen Spirit be available to stream/buy?

Soundcloud and all the hood mixtape sites…

About how many songs have you made in total that haven’t been released… by that I mean about how many tracks did you create before you started with Soundcloud and all your official releases that preceded your official rap career, when you were still unknown?

At like 150 now. 

Is there a colab with you and your “Uber Thru The Hills” collaborator Detsa on the tape?


What is it like being signed with Epic Records?

It’s cool. I just work on my stuff still.

Have you met anyone also signed to Epic, like 21 Savage, French Montana, DJ Khaled, etc.?

Not yet.

Where were you and what were you doing when you found out that Lowkey had gotten famous?

At home ordering lunch. lol.

Did any other labels contact you other than Epic to sign you? If so, what label?

Almost every label you can think of…

Why did you go with Epic instead of the other labels?

Because, Why not?

How was your childhood like?

Fun. But, I didn’t have many friends…

Did you have confidence in Lowkey before it was released or before it blew up?

I did but I’m on a new wave now.

What are your plans for the future in music and business?

To be the biggest popstar in the world like drake but not drake at all.

Do you have an idea of what your debut tour will be? If so, who are you going to be touring with?

Its gonna be a fly experience. Like something unseen before. And I’m not sure yet.

Is Teen Spirit a Major-Label release through Epic Records or self-released?

Self released.

How long was the writing process for all the songs off Teen Spirit?

Not long at all.

After your new mixtape Teen Spirit, can we expect another mixtape afterwards or your debut album?

Maybe another tape then the album.

Do you have any local inspirations from your hometown of Kansas City either in rap or just daily life?

Inspirations come from movies and daily life.



So there you have it. Rory Fresco’s new mixtape “Teen Spirit” is still being worked on, but it drops on 4/27/17. He considers Teen Spirit his Debut Tape, and plans to drop all the leftover music from the album eventually. Furthermore, he plans to drop another tape after Teen Spirit before he drops his Debut Album. He considers Jay Z, Kanye West, Kendrick, Etc. the best rappers right now, and his other inspirations just come from Daily Life and Film. In conclusion, it’s interesting that in early life, Rory had fun, but he didn’t have much friends, because the details make him seem mysterious, and the details surrounding his childhood and upbringing sounds reminiscent to other geniuses that didn’t fit into Society like Kanye West…

See Rory Fresco’s Soundcloud Page HERE, His Official Twitter HERE, And His Official Website HERE, and stream his Lottery single HERE


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