Who is Damian Lemar Hudson? An Introduction To The “Black Spiderman”…


Logic has just dropped a new single entitled Black Spiderman with singer/producer Damian Lamar Hudson. But who is Damian? Here’s an introduction to the “Black Spiderman”…

Damian Lemar Hudson is a Singer, Rapper, and Producer who plays the Piano and other instruments and mainly performs Soul/R&B/Pop Music. He has been making music for almost a decade now, as has Logic. He was born in Georgia, but now he resides in LA, where he works on his music and looks to expand his career… Well, it looks like his career is expanding…

Here are some of his musical influences:

Duke Ellington
Nina Simone
James Brown
Andree 3000
Thelonious Monk
KanYe West
Jimi Hendrix
Flying Lotus
Lupe Fiasco
Sufjan Stevens
John Legend
Ben Folds
Miles Davis
Kid CuDi

Unbenkownst to the public, Damian is not new though. He has actually known Logic since 2010, when they met on the internet through Facebook. It seems that Damian has been keeping it a secret, but after years, a collaboration began to brew between the two after so many years. Here is a song between Logic and Damian that surfaced all the way back in 2010, which was called Drift Away:

However, after a good start in 2010, he left music it looks like. He then returned in 2016, working on new music, and a few new independent albums. You can visit his Facebook Page at the bottom of this article, where you can find his many covers of popular songs by Frank Ocean, Prince, Otis Redding, Etc.

As you can see, he is inspired by Hip Hop and R&B/Pop and it makes it obvious that he was a great fit for the upbeat vibe of the “Black Spiderman” song, for which is supposed to help develop racial equality between all people. Meanwhile, Logic currently has his highest charting single, with the single “Everybody” peaking at No. 59 on the Billboard Top 100. Things are looking good for Logic, and also for new collaborator Damian Lemar Hudson.

Check Out Damian’s Facebook Page HERE, His Twitter Page HERE, His Youtube Page HERE, and also you can check out his Piano Remake of the Under Pressure Intro HERE


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