Tyga – The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty


The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty

is a brand new album by hip hop recording artist Tyga which was just released a few moments ago! Tyga’s  The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty album contains 12 new song which have only two guest appearances from Lil Wayne & Lil Boosie (Boosie Bad Azz). We have got an exclusive stream of Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty for you listen to for free here now instantly!

1. Spitfire
2. Muh Fucka (ft. A.E.)
3. Shaka Zulu
4. God Talk
5. Hard For You
6. Down For A Min
7. Pure Luxury
8. Wham
9. Pleazer (ft. Boosie Badazz)
10. Hollywood Niggaz
11. 4 My Dawgs (ft. Lil Wayne)
12. Bloodline


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