Troy Ave got in a shoot out with Taxstone at Irving Plaza New York, NY

Did Troy Ave get in a shootout with Taxstone?


@fameolousent received a #DM tip shedding light on the whole #TroyAve shooting. So Troy did not come into the club with a gun. His beef was with #TaxStone, not with #Maino. Troy asked Taxstone to stop talking about him on his podcast, stone refused so Troy said he was gonna fight him when he sees him. Troy went to the #GreenRoom of the venue to see #TI and Taxstone was there. Troy punched Stone, but Stone had shooters with him. A guy that was with #TaxStone opened fire and hit Troy’s friend#Banga, and shot Troy in the leg. #GossipGrilling #CelebrityGossip #UrbanGossip #NewYork #Shooting#Drama


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