Tomi Lahren says “Black Lives Matter Is New KKK”



Tomi Lahren is easily one of the most controversial people on the internet when it comes to the lives of Black people and specifically the Black Lives Matter movement but he latest statement has to whole world wondering if she trolling for views? Tomi Lahren made one of the most idiotic statements of 2016 with her latest statement where she was quoted saying “Black Lives Matter is the new KKK”. You can watch the full video below.


  • labman57

    Lauren tells CNN: “I’m not a journalist, I’m a commentator.”
    Translation: “I don’t have to know what the f*ck I’m talking about — all I need is an audience of like-minded bigots to cheer me on.”

    Lauren is just vacuous blonde who fervently draws attention to herself by spewing inane, racist right wing rhetoric.
    And Roger Ailes no doubt became aroused in the process.